preview - pealfestival 2k17

It has always been my dream to make people want to dance. Even if I was playing at a Lounge and nobody was going to dance there. I always tried my best and it was my passion to perform good in front of 10, 100 or 1000 people. But if something amazing happens, most of the time it happens when you don’t expect it. And if sombeody starts moving in a tiny bar, or at a Lounge you know you’re doing something right.

It'll be my part to perform at Pealfestival on Saturday at the camping side. It is no usual spot… Not the huge stage. Not in focus of the guests. But for me a very special gig. It is my responsibility to shift the crowd from chill-mode into party-mode in 3-4 hours. Preparing them for the headliner and rounding up the beautiful concept of Pealfestival. That is what it will be.

I am looking forward to it and if you can’t attend I will show you afterwards how it was.

Tickets Pre-sale is fully sold out, but you can get tickets at the box office.