• What is unique about Fifteen Seconds Festival?
  • How can a DJ help you with your decision to go there?

First of all, let me tell you that I have been to nearly all Fifteen Seconds Festivals so far (except last year) to join the convention of today's masterminds of marketing and related disciplines. So we can say I grew up with all the inspirations and impressions that you can get there and could use it in my everyday life.

And suddenly a warm feeling raised in my body. I was kind of nervous while reading through the lines that I was chosen for a customer event in the heart of Graz.

Let's get one step back.

Could it work to combine two entirely different things? Two things that have never been brought together until yet? Personally, I am a big fan of taking that risk and having a look what happens. But what am I writing about? The purpose of this short blog entry is to enlighten the modern methods of a little skiing region to attract their customers.

For six days I’ve been to Ibiza. 6 days full of emotions, excitement and joy.

It was my first time on this beautiful island. Lots of people told me there is an inspiring mood hanging over this wonderful place and I didn't trust them.

Go with me one month back in time. I had a lot of work to do and couldn't calm down. I was grumpy. I was angry. Couldn't feel the positive aura of life. There was a need for a notable break. My girlfriend realized that and forced me to book my flight. She is the real cause why I actually did it. Sometimes I need someone that pushes me so that I have not the possibility to chicken out and say the "noooo, it is not that important" kind of stuff.

Finally, I made it there and it was the best decision since a long time.

A friendly smile from the cashier at the beginning and an easy discribtion where to go to have the best spot on the camping side let you feel highly welcome at the Peal Festival. While cruising with your car through the gates with direction to caravan camping you get a feeling for the size and the beauty of the festival. It’s located in the south-styrian hills in the middle of nowhere. You can really feel the nature. All the stages and bars are coverd by wood to point out the natural mind of this festival. In short a very unique experience.

The special aspect about the pealfestival is that they are crowdfunded. What means that if a certain amount of tickets are sold, the festival will take place. And this target was reached every time over the last 11 years.

Flight is already booked.
Hotel is already booked.
Flightcase is in position.
Midicontroller will be my best buddy.

I was waiting for this trip since a long time. Getting inspired from all the big minds of Housemusic. Inhale the inspiring air of creativity. Meeting people from all over the world having the same mindset. It’s the beginning of something bigger. Nobody knows where it will go. Everybody will be a part of it.

Let’s stay together on my trip to Ibiza. I will show you places around the island where hardly anybody has the possibility to go. Follow me on Instagram and watch my stories to not miss anything.


It has always been my dream to make people want to dance. Even if I was playing at a Lounge and nobody was going to dance there. I always tried my best and it was my passion to perform good in front of 10, 100 or 1000 people. But if something amazing happens, most of the time it happens when you don’t expect it. And if sombeody starts moving in a tiny bar, or at a Lounge you know you’re doing something right.

one of my craziest spots was the threesixty bar at the Millennium Hilton in Bangkok. I was a little bit afraid if my kind of music will fit in this kind of bar. It wasn’t easy for me to know in advance what to play, so I just decided to define the first track and let it roll as I feel it.

Playing the 3h-opening set of the biggest student festival of whole europe was incredible.

A lot of preparation was needed to give the perfect performance to the audience. Starting with melodic and deep sounds and coming to bouncing dancable beats was the perfect combination for the stunning crowd of students.

I really loved to play there!